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Breaking Character by Lee Winter


Rating – 5/5

Synopsis –

Life has become a farcical mess for icy British A-lister Elizabeth Thornton. America’s most-hated villain stars in a top-rated TV medical drama that she hates. Now, she’s been romantically linked to her perky, new co-star, Summer, due to the young woman’s clumsiness. As a closeted actress, that’s the last thing Elizabeth needs. If she could just get her dream movie role, life would be so much better. The only problem is that the eccentric French film-maker offering it insists on meeting her “girlfriend”, Summer, first.

Summer Hayes is devastated when her co-star shuns her for accidentally sparking rumours they’re lovers. Now the so-called British Bitch has the audacity to ask Summer to pretend to be her girlfriend to get her a role? Elizabeth doesn’t even like Summer! Oh, how she’d love to tell her no. And Summer definitely would if it wasn’t for the fact she’s maybe a tiny bit in love with the impossible woman.

A lesbian celebrity romance about gaining love, losing masks, and trying to stick to the script.

Review –

This year is starting to look promising regarding my book choosing skill! The few I’ve read has all been fantastic, but I get the feeling that this one is going to be one of the best books I read this year.

“And Playing the role of Myself” is one of my favourites. So, I was excited to read this one. And well, Lee Winter definitely nailed it. Elizabeth who has an Ice queen reputation(but actually is a very sweet and lovely person) meets Summer who look young and is loved by everyone(who has a little crush on Elizabeth). There is fauxmance, there is humour, angst, drama, unrequited love, there is a little bit of everything that makes a romance novel a masterpiece and keeps the readers hooked.

The secondary characters were wonderfully placed, the pace was perfect, the romance was sweet and beautiful, the chemistry was obvious, the dialogues were authentic. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love this one and is highly recommended! The only thing I wish for was for a little bit more of the Elizabeth and Summer alone time as a couple. I waited a long time for them to get together. I’m entitle to a little inside scoop of their couple romance!!

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A Date With Angel: And Other Things That Weren’t Supposed To Happen (Kim and Angel #1) by J. Judkins


Rating – 4/5

Synopsis –

Kim could tell at a glance Angel wasn’t the average attractive yet poorly disguised extraterrestrial scout sent to assess Earth’s defenses before the inevitable alien invasion. Angel’s memory loss cover story? Lame. Robbing a passing ruffian of his shirt to cover her naked body? NOT a good way to avoid attracting attention! As a science fiction geek, Kim felt herself uniquely qualified to watch Angel and thwart her dark mission…once the alien got around to it.

But Angel had her own questions. She couldn’t help but wonder, why would Kim invite a stranger home? Surely, it could only be for romance! Kim didn’t dare correct her, not without giving herself away, and so both found themselves in an escalating romantic relationship neither actually wanted.

Is it possible lies and deception could lead to true love? Could projected feelings designed to fool the other become genuine?
“A Date with Angel is a romantic escalation comedy full of misinterpretations, grand theories, and devious, romantic traps … and a suspected alien woman doing her best to meet a sci-fi paranoiac’s expectations.”

Review –

First of all, this is a sci-fi comedy. That alone is enough to get my attention. What makes me can’t wait to read it is the fact that this is kind of a relationship of convenience romance. And boy was I not disappointed!

Kim is a total geek. She is an introvert who has no interest in anything other than gaming and Star Wars and reading and of course terminators and aliens. Did I mention she has no interest in relationships? So, when she saw Angel, who suddenly appear with no clothes and knocked out a guy easily and took his shirt, Kim was sure she is either an alien or terminator. Being a geek as she is, how could she leave Angel behind? Thus, a weird and humorous story begins were Kim tries to figure out Angel and Angel trying to fit in by pretending to be Kim’s girlfriend, and of course, falling in love with each other instead.

It’s a rather unique and interesting story. I haven’t read many sci-fi comedy, so this one is a welcome surprise. I did feel like the book needs a little more editing considering Kim thoughts seems a little repetitive which bores the hell out of me because it keeps going on and on somewhere around the halfway point. The thought itself was a good and reasonable one, but I got it the first time, so move on. The ending seem a little not polished and rushed considering the slow and steady pace of the rest of the story.

Overall, a really enjoyable and humorous book which I would totally recommend for geeks like me!

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The Buccaneer and the Beauty by Candice Christian


Rating – 3.5/5

Synopsis –

Melynda is the daughter of a wealthy merchant in eighteenth century England. Her father has arranged for her to be married to an equally wealthy merchant in Nassau. Alone she is put upon a merchant ship bound for the Caribbean.

The trip begins with violence as the ship that is carrying her, is overrun by pirates. The pirate captain, Clegg the Cruel, takes the maiden captive and she quickly learns life among a ship full of pirates can be filled with dangers of many kinds. She is threatened with harm by a couple of salty seaman, when the Captain Clegg intercedes.

The first time actually seeing the Captain is a shock to Melynda, but not nearly as shocking as the justice meted out by the Captain toward the two drunken louts who tried to take advantage of the young maid.

The Captain realizes that the maid will bring a hefty ransom and needs to keep her alive and unharmed. So, provisions are made for her to be given more than adequate accommodations while on the pirate ship.

It’s not long before the Captain begins to find the charms of the maid quite enticing and slowly warms up to her. Thinking of keeping the girl for HERSELF.

Review –

Different people have different preferences. Some loves vampires stories, while others prefer shape-shifters. Some has a weakness for librarians, while others love badass chicks. As it turns out, I’ve a weakness for pirate’s. And this one is an erotica. I won’t be able to pass it up even if I tried.

When I pick this up, I was expecting some hardcore actions considering there’s cruel pirates and all(again, I’ve a thing for Xena/Gabrielle like sex scenes). But to my utter surprise, this one turns out to be a rather light erotica with a single sex scene. I actually don’t mind the light sex scene because it fits the story and the characters, but for an erotica, I find the sex scene rather short.

What surprises me about this one is that, I somehow found myself loving the story. I ended up wanting the story to not end and to read more. It feels like I just read a teaser of a very promising novel instead of an erotica, a novel I won’t be able to keep my hands off. I would love to read more from the author, and even more, a full length novel.


P.S. If anyone is interested in finding out more book from the author, do check out her blog:

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Strings Attached by Holly Stratimore


Rating – 3.5/5

Synopsis –

Success. Riches. Music. Passion. It’s a life most can only dream of, but stardom comes at a cost.

Rock star Nikki Razer has worked hard to achieve her dreams and finally has everything she ever wanted – except true love. She’s ready to find someone who can love the women she really is, not just her rock star persona. When the band comes for a break she sets her sight on beautiful music teacher Drew McNally. But Drew is happy running her father’s music store and she definitely doesn’t want to date a celebrity – no matter how attractive she is. Her mother’s obsession with fame destroyed her fanily and Drew’s not going to let it happen again.

Nikki thought she would do whatever it took to win Drew over, but she can’t abandon her band and give up on her dreams. When it’s time to face her music, will the price be too much to pay?

Review –

First of all, the acknowledgements for this one was really touching. Just saying. The story though, I had a hard time deciding between 3-4 rating. So, 3.5 star it is(see I’m a generous person!).

Rock star Nikki has achieved everything anyone can dream of as far as her career is concern. She however can’t say the same for her love life. When the band comes home for a break, she met Drew, a beautiful music teacher. But Drew doesn’t want to date a celebrity.
This is a story about sacrifices, overcoming fear, discovering what ones heart truly desires and finally loving someone unconditionally.

The premise of the story is truly amazing. It’s realistic. The issues that are introduced in it were genuine. And the romance was very sweet. Somehow though, I don’t know if it’s the execution or just me being weird, but for a story that seem promising, I find it a little cliche and unreasonable at times(more so after the first half). Overall, it’s a good read.

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The One Who Eats Monsters (Wind and Shadow #1) by Casey Matthews


Rating – 5/5

Synopsis –

Long ago, before history broke in half, elder gods exiled the vengeful deity Erynis to a far corner of Earth. When Ryn is found weakened after saving the life of an innocent villager, the U.S. military mistakes the battered immortal for a feral teenager and places her in New Petersburg, a decaying city full of monsters.

In her clash with the city’s demons, Ryn is confused by her intense emotional connection with Naomi Bradford, a senator’s daughter she has sworn to protect. But while her claws can kill anything that dies (and a few things that cannot), she must also contend with the human race. They lie, they speak in riddles, and to protect her friend, the immortal must navigate the senseless rules of their flawed civilization. Worse, they are fragile—and giving her heart to one makes Ryn afraid for the first time in her eternal life.

Review –

Wow! For a book that seem to a YA urban fantasy this is seriously hardcore. To be fair our kick ass heroin is an immortal and had lived for who know how long. And when I say hardcore, I mean it. The villains that are portrayed here are seriously twisted, and deservingly so is the way Ryn killed them(more like eat them. Soo.. yeah twisted, yet I can’t stop turning the pages even if I tried.).

This is a book about Gods and monsters and evil spirits. Ryn is a monster/deva who had lived away from humans in uninhabited parts of the Earth. Until unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances led her to live amongst humans. She is pretty much like an anti-hero. So, there are lots of cool action scenes and serious thrilling moments. And then, there’s Naomi. As you might have guessed, yes, Ryn fell for her. But the cool thing about this book is that, someone bigger is at play and it keeps us wondering if everything that was happening is part of a bigger plan. And the author did a wonderful job of making us wonder all this only at the last few pages. Who won’t want to read the next part after such an ending?

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Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie


Rating – 3/5

Synopsis –

Children’s librarian Valerie Cruz has worked hard to make a comfortable life for herself since ageing out of the foster care system. She loves her job but avoids intimate connections―life has taught her that she can only count on herself. When she gets the opportunity to become a foster parent, Val decides to take the leap. If she can help kids, she’ll do it, even if it means reentering the system.

Foster care case worker Paige Wellington is passionate about her work, and she’s been a foster parent herself. When she meets the beautiful Valerie Cruz, she is drawn to her in a way she can’t explain, even though Valerie seems to want nothing to do with her. But when they clash over what is in the best interest of the children in Valerie’s care, the children may be the only ones who can convince them that it’s worth taking chances for love.

Cover Artist: Tammy Sedick. Genres: Contemporary / Romance

Synopsis –

For a book that looks really promising, I’m a little disappointed. The story is a sensitive one. It is meant to touch us and make us realise the reality of life. I love books that shows us the things we usually don’t see or experience, thus helping us understand and learn from it. So, it is a bit more disappointing when these books failed to do so.

Taking chances is a story about Valerie, who is an ex-foster child who decided to re-enter the system by become a foster parent, and Paige who is a case worker for foster placement and training. Paige is also a foster parent herself.

First of all, the story is filled with coincidences that after the first few, it just doesn’t feel realistic anymore and pisses me off big time. I know it’s fiction, but it’s still a story about life. Secondly, I hate forced HEA. Everybody loves a happy ending, but come on.. I don’t want a happy ending just because it’s a fiction and everything is possible. How will anyone enjoy a story if it isn’t believable? And lastly, the editing and narration needs work. It’s never enjoyable to read a published work when it feels like an average fan fiction.

The lovely kids, the secondary characters and the beautiful family moments makes reading it worth it, but the story could have been much better for a premise as promising as this one.


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A Wish Upon a Star by Jeannie Levig


Rating – 5/5

Synopsis –

Leslie Raymond spent the past two years wishing her life had taken a different turn. It’s time for a fresh start, a move across the country, and a new set of rules to help heal her heart—no straight women, no women with kids, and no commitment. But when she meets her new neighbours, the beautiful Erica and her special needs daughter, Siena, she struggles against the pull she immediately experiences.

Erica Cooper has learned to rely only on herself. She knows most people don’t stick around when the going gets tough. And when caring for a child with autism, the going can get tough fast. She is content with the quiet and emotionally safe life she’s constructed, but when they are befriended by their kind, playful, and—damn it—really hot new neighbour, the walls protecting her heart threaten to crumble.

So much for good intentions and firm resolutions—neither stand a chance when the stars align for love.

Words: 88,000
Cover Artist: Melody Pond
Genres: Contemporary / Romance
Tags: Children / Families, Animals, California, Disability, Friends to Lovers Romance, Homecoming

Review –

This book seems like a typical falling in love with the next door neighbour, but believe me, it’s so much more. It’s been a while since I’ve rated a book 5 star, but it seem like the author wish upon a star for it!

Both the protagonist in this story are in their 50’s which is refreshing to read because they were both mature and responsible. There were no unnecessary drama or acting stupid, just two women working through their past and baggage while slowly falling in love with each other.

The beautiful and special thing about this book is that, it is not just the love of the two women that has been portrayed beautifully, but I’m truly touched by the portrayal of a mothers love of their children from the POV of both Leslie and Erica.

Have I mentioned there’s a dog too? And a very sweet one too! Erica’s daughter Siena is autistic which makes the role of Gus(a dog Leslie pick up on the road) much more involved and sweet.

This is a slow burn, but not because the MC’s didn’t see how perfect they will be for each other. It’s the working though their past and baggage story arc which makes this one really captivating and touching. The chemistry, the banter, the emotions, the build up, the arc, the pace, the secondary characters, the narrative, everything was just right and beautifully done. Highly recommended.